Tips for the Perfect Beach Hair

Messy beach hair looks easy to do, but it takes some practice and a little skill to get the ideal result. Relax, baby. We help you!

We put together 10 incredible wavy hair guides for those who want to do beach hair and rock the sand on the beach or even at night. And the best part is that you won't need to spend hours and hours in the salon to achieve the final result. Ready to take notes?

1 - Are you on the beach and going for a swim in the sea? "Before playing with everything, soak the strands in fresh water to avoid drying your hair. After swimming for hours and hours, just pass a finisher and let it dry. It looks great!", Says hairdresser Junior Carvalho , from salon C .Kamura, in São Paulo.

2 - "With the wet threads, spray a salt spray on medium strands and knead the threads with the help of a dry towel. Always start at the ends and knead towards the root. Let it dry naturally", explains Eron Araújo , from the Blend salon Your Mind, in SP.

3 - A trick is to dry your hair with your head down, you know? This technique makes the strands more bulky and then just finish with an ointment or spray.

4 - How about optimizing time? "Dry your hair well, make a high bun on the head (or even two) with the strands still warm and hold for half an hour. Take the opportunity to put on makeup and release it later. If you prefer to give it up, use a finisher or babyliss for the waves become even more beautiful ", says Junior.

5 -Prefer the Best Curling Iron For Beach Waves, which is the best to conquer a very loose wave and leave the hairstyle more defined.

6 - "When using the dryer at home, wrap the strands with your fingers so that the hair already takes the shape of waves. It will be even easier to achieve the final effect", explains Junior.

7 - Have you spied on Pinterest and The Beauty Departament ? It has incredible little ditches and even step by step for those who want to learn how to make waves .

8 - "It is worth remembering that hair with a progressive brush cannot absorb the product and, therefore, will not have the expected result. Salt spray works well on porous hair, because only then can it penetrate the hair and change its texture", says Eron.

9 - Another quick and easy trick: “Make two very loose braids (one on each side) and put them in a bun behind your head. Stay half an hour and release later ”, delivers Ricardo Rodrigues , from Studio W, in SP.

10 - "If the hair is dull and dry, prefer salt sprays with moisturizer in the formula", warns Eron.